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NAME:  Daniel John Mark Luke O'Donoghue

BORN: 3rd October 1980

BIRTH PLACE: Dublin, Ireland

HEIGHT: 6’ 3” (1.91M)

FAMILY: Ailish (Mum), Shay (Dad, Deceased), Ian, Mandy, Dara, Vicky& Andrea (Brothers and Sisters.

He owns a music production company called Mad Notes Productions with Mark Sheehan.

Both Danny’s parents are Irish, although his Grandfather is of Greek descent, from Chios, Greece, and his family have been in Ireland for three generations.
He is the youngest of six children, born and raised in the suburb of Ballinteer on the south side of Dublin. "Yeah, you do become Paddy Last," he says. "You're last at the table, you get everybody's hand-me-downs." His father, Shay O'Donoghue, was keyboard player with the successful Irish show band the Dreams, and music ran in the family. "They were all singers and dancers with big personalities. You had to find yourself among that – it was quite hard." He did however spend some time fighting the musical background after seeing his father and brothers away touring a lot, but eventually he couldn’t deny the call of the music.
"The truth is, I spent a lot of my childhood singing when the other kids were outside playing football and getting into trouble."
"Irish people have soul," according to Danny. "It comes from generations of pain, and generations of understanding emotion to be able to physically get that in a solid sound."
Danny eventually dropped out of school before completing his leaving certificate.

Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan met in a club in The Liberties area of Dublin, Ireland near the Guinness brewery, gravitating to each other through a shared liking of music, and in particular a love of R & B music (Rhythm and Blues). "At that time, MTV only came on in Dublin after midnight, it was the fuzzy channel, and for my generation urban culture was just a wave through us all," explains Sheehan. "It wasn't about gangs and guns; it was fashion and fun, singing and dancing."

Mark and Danny were formerly part of a band that had formed in 1996 called My Town. Striking up song writing and production partnership, O'Donoghue and Sheehan's talent was recognized early, and, to their astonishment, they found themselves invited to Canada to collaborate with some of their production heroes, including such legends of modern R&B as Dallas Austin, Montell Jordan and Teddy Riley. They were based in the US for many years, but moved back to Dublin where they recruited Glen Power for their new band. He had been playing sessions from the age of fifteen, using the money to work on a solo project in his home. But that went on hold when his collaboration with Mark and Danny produced three songs in one week. The band signed to Phonogenic in 2005, and released an EP on Last.FM. The band's influences include a diverse group of artists that include U2, Coldplay, The Police, The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Van Morrison. O'Donoghue also made a reference to Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder while discussing his personal voice while singing. They have worked on a few collaborations with Amy Winehouse and Denzel Washington, varying styles and genres. He stated that the instrument he attempts to imitate is a violin, based on the string arrangements of Stevie Wonder, while Amy Winehouse is similar to a saxophone.

Danny and Mark started making demos for other artists, but when they met drummer Glen Power, the objective changed. The pair had never heard Power play, but they made a connection that motivated Sheehan to invite Glen on a working holiday to Los Angeles. In one week, the trio produced three songs. "It was like I found my home playing with these guys," says Glen. "I had never had a chance with any other band to express myself with such freedom." "Individually, we all had our own talents, but together it just went to another level," according to Danny.

When Mark's mother became terminally ill, the trio returned to Dublin so that he could spend time with her, recording in his old home studio in James Street. "That was pulling on my heart strings in a big way," admits Danny. "Lyrically it was pouring out of me." After ten months, Mark's mother passed away. Four months later, Danny's father, also a professional musician, died unexpectedly of a heart attack aged 63. "I came home so that Mark could spend time with his mum, little did I know that I was actually getting to spend that precious time with my dad," "He was talking to me in the morning and he was dead by night-time. You don't even have time to say, 'That's bullshit.' I didn't realise that I was getting precious time with my dad. I'd been away for 10 years. I got to know my father as a man. It was: 'I know that he loves me but does he like me?'" Reveals Danny. "But then amidst all this travesty and disaster, these songs have risen out of it. That was the time when it finally came home to me how important music was to me, cos in my darkest moments that's what got me through."
He died on Valentine's Day; the big rose tattoo on Danny’s left arm is to commemorate the date.

By: Debbra



  1. I love the script! Their music is full of passion. I am only 12 but they are my favourite band by far. I know what it is like to lose your parents because I lost my dad to a brain tumour when I was 11 and now my mum has cancer. Ive also lost my great grandad. If you ever see this Danny and mark please leave a comment.

    1. Stay strong, their music will help you trough. It's important to express your feelings, Danny does it with music, now you find your way.

    2. don't worry keep listening to their music I end up in tears each time I listen to IF YOU COULD SEE ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!

    3. My dad doesn't like my music but you guys are true inspiration to me keep doing what you do best........DANNY O'DONOGUE GLEN POWER MARK SHEEHAN LOVE YOU ALL JUST 1 QUESTION IS THERE ANY NEW MUSIC COMING OUT PLEASE RESPOND BY EVINAT(miracle)

  2. i really like the script from the first time ive heard their music i fell in love with danny o' donoghue's voice he is an inspiration. A very great person... i hope he could appreciate my comment and dont be sad anymore if some stupid girl broke your heart!

  3. I really love the script favorite band by far...and I also no what its like to loose a parent...I lost my mum when I was 12 she suffered for 10 years with cancer...then watched as I helped and cared for my papa during his last days he suffered with Alzheimer's heart goes out to you...but I'm sure God will be taking very good care of them as he is my mum and papa...God bless ...from Donna .x

  4. Omg! I love danny and the whole band "The Script" to pieces! there music just like gets to me! it cheers me up when I am down, and I just love them omg! I saw them live the other week in London I had excellent seats and it was the best moment of my life! just seeing and hearing them live was the best birthday present I could ever had! so glad there around honestly could not live without there music! I have all there albums and they mean the world to me! keep making music your an inspiration, your my role model and I honestly love everything that you and the whole group do! Don't ever stop. Your perfect.<3

  5. Omg feel sorry for u danny n mark. I personally dont know what its like to loose a parent. But j only talk to my mum because my dad cant b bothered to come and c me. And I am his only child. Im sorry for ur loss. Dont ever stop making music. I know how important music is to u. I also sing and play the drums. You guys are absolutly awsome

  6. oh my gosh! Danny is my everything! i love the script!

  7. I love The Script so much it's actually unbelievable, I can't even describe how much their music means to me and how it has changed my life and changed my attitude towards life. It has made my inspired and has made me much more interested in music. I love them more than words can say, they are heroes.

  8. il iubesc pe danny. Daca nu era el si trupa sa eu nu ma gandeam sa devin cantareata. imi plac mult cantecele pare rau pentru tatal lui danny.vreau sa-l ating pe am fost la niciun concert de-al lor,dar vreau sa merg.TE IUBESC DANNY

  9. I saw danny's pictures in internet many times but i don't know who he is , Today i watched The voice uk and i saw him talking, singing and i would like to follow him so, i google it, then i listen to his song "If you could see me now"and its touch my heart. Now i go for his profile so here comes my comment..
    Why i like him:
    1.he lost his father - so do i.
    2.he dropout - so do i.
    3.he is cute - so do i.
    4.he want something to be done for his father - so do i.
    much more to come since i havn't finished reading his profile and i am not a man yet what my father wants me to be.
    Note: If i become some1 respectful person in future, I will firstly talk about Danny O'Donoghue on my important speech. "Ringtero"(longlive)Danny O'Donoghue

  10. maybe I'm late to know about the Script. but, since i heard their song in the first time, I instantly falling in love with this band. it happened in Hall of Fame song. this song is very inspiring me.

  11. i was just so happy reading these comments and it turns out .. "OH all those things that im thinking about the script is absolutely related with you guys," we just so love them and their music .. " Haha long lived for all the fans and for the script also.. =) hope they will become more famous all over the world =)

  12. its way better to have loved and lost than neva to know its meaning, if u love somefin/someone let it go if it returns its true if not it was neva urs to start wiv harsh but true!!!

  13. His first name should start with G. Then he'd be GO'D. Or is that a bit weird?

  14. I was just at The Script's concert last night and I know Danny never saw me, but it was absolutely the best feeling in the world to see him, the man who understands me so well even if he's never met me, in person. Amazing. Thank you so much for your music. It's helped me so much throughout the years. I love you guys!!!

  15. I Love Danny he is so cute en I Love The Script to This is my favorite band I listen every day weak and year's to know all the song from my head
    and I have three quistion from Danny
    1: when you comes to the netherlend again
    2: what is the name from you new album thats comes out
    3: Why, if you have a cocert you sing along never the original hall of fame Those were my questions still maals Danny i love you and I hope that Danny Mark Glen read this
    loves rosalie

  16. 'feel like im crying everytime i heard danny's voice..i love the script...i love danny..

  17. The script is truly amazing! they're so inspirational and genuine. I fell in love with their song,"Hall Of Fame". I saw Danny on the Voice and i must say, he's an inspiring role model. I love the way the band captivates me everytime they sing! seriously whenever they perform, i'm speechless...i'm definitely sure that danny's dad is so proud of him and of who he has become <3

  18. i love you Danny!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3

  19. I can almost relate the life of Danny as what he had experienced.And about my father is not that kind of him. My father doesn't support me to what I love which is music even though he's also a member of a band and plays Keyboard and guitar and were not close but I'm still pursuing my dreams even though were far away from each other and trying to live separately Just keeping the faith I believed in.And I get inspiration to the people who loved me and also to music. That's why I'm always listening to the script's songs. They can heal me. More powers The Script! Lovelots...

  20. HI DANNY :) IM CAMILLE FROM PHILIPPINES ^_^ I REALLY LOVE YOU, YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU :/ Hopefully soon were met each other. beacause I really love you. your my Inspiration.
    take care danny. WE LOVE YOU here in the philippines.
    one thing that i really want to fulfill the dreams I would see you in person, hug you , kiss you , have a picture with you, a Fansign :/ ILOVE YOU DANNY :*
    PLEASE PLEASE Follow me on twitter I'm very happy if you follow me :) ILOVE YOU DANNY 1000,000,000X mhuaaaaaaa TAKECARE :* ♥ ♥ ♥ ☺

  21. follow me on twitter :'( i really loved you :*

  22. Hey I have to do a assignment on my favorite famous person and I chose you!!

  23. OMG love the script !!!! <3 DANNY!<3 follow me on twitter guys! @Amy_Louise_13_ i love your music and can't go a day without listening to it!!!

  24. Really love this band. Their songs motivate me. They had that awesome and inspirational lyrics. A big shout out to Danny o Donoghue ,Glen Power and Mark Sheehan "i love you guys!". Script Philippines loves you!!

  25. I'm a HUGE Fan of The Script. Their songs are very Passionate, the lyrics are truthful and relatable, and actually happening in real with the sound of their Extra Ordinary Melody. :)

  26. omg I love the script!!! I love danny!! your music touches my heart... I can totally relate to it!! I love your music... its truly a blessin to hear it :) I listen to your music everyday!! I got your three albums!!! im a huge fan!! 1 day ill make it to a the script concert!! :)
    Love Always
    KAYLA ;) <3

  27. the script is simply the best band i've ever come across!
    watching Danny perfome live is a dream.
    i'm a diehard fan and honestly anyone and everyone can relate their lifestory,heartbreaks to your music
    that amazing feeling comes alive in me only when i listen to you'll
    all the best for your upcoming album.
    Love #3 peace.

  28. DANNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYY O'DONOGHUEEEEE...!!!!! As I writeeee thisss downnnnn...Im listeningggg to "We cry"....the songgg that made me falllll in loveeeee with the SCRIPT...!!! I'm from Mumbai...and I'm one of your biggest fans!!!! I just wannnt tooooo guys are trulyyyy amazinggggggg...and soooo inspiringgggg....!!!! The music, the lyricsssss are fantastic....!!!!! Your songs have actualllllyyy helped me in variousss situationssss of my life...!!!!!!!! And I dont know if you guys are awareeeee, but the SCRIPT has a helllllll load of fans in India...especially Mumbai..!!! And the people in Mumbai have a dream....and that dream is to watch you guys perform live....!!!! I dont know if you'll ever read this..(secretly hoping that you do)...but just a little request...PLEASE comeeee to Mumbai and perform for your beloved fans over here...!!!!!!!! It will surely be a dream come trueeeeee...!!!!!!! Keep rockingggg...!!! You guys are SUPERHEORES...!!!!!! CHEERS...:D

  29. Hi there Danny! Your music is amazing, I listen to it everyday non stop and as I do so I think of you and me walking along the beach holding hands and kissing, best few hours of my life! I know we were made for each other, even though we're both guys... I really hope you're bi too so that my dreams can come true someday! My fantasy is to see you in a pair of tight hot leather pants. The video 'Nothing' really gets my engine roaring. I know we've never met, but I have loads of edited pictures of me and you together, not just on my phone, I have them all over my bedroom walls! From your biggest fan, Joshua Albert Fryer xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  30. I really like their music, especially "Hall of Fame" that song make me think i can do anything if i try hard and not surrender to reach my dream. I found this song on the right time, because i felt fear about future(because i think i can't doing anything), but in this song i realise i mustn't to be fear, just live your life now and don't think anything about past and future. Thanks so much The Script, your song be my motivation to reach my dream which and prove to people who underrated me, and i believe i can standing in the hall of fame eventually. I love you so (especially Danny), i really want they come back and will make new amazing music again.


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