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16 April 2013

Beauty Queen Janine Tugonon breaks up with boyfriend over Irish singer Danny O'Donoghue?

In this photo, Janine was pictured with The Script lead vocalist Danny O'Donoghue, who was one of the Reasons for her disagreements with her ​​non-showbiz boyfriend Jaypee Santos.

The fairy tale love story of Janine Tugonon and Jaypee Santos have finally ended after the former Miss Philippines Universe admitted through “KrisTV” the current status of their relationship.

During an interview on the morning show hosted by Kris Aquino on Tuesday, April 16, Tugonon admitted that she and Jaypee have called it quits. According to reports, the reason for breakup is Janine’s attraction to Danny O’Donoghue, the lead vocalist of the Irish pop-rock band The Script.

The Script are one of the most popular bands in Europe, they were the band behind the hits “The Man Who Can’t Moved” and “Breakeven.” Janine also told the host that she started meeting Danny during the band’s meet and greet at the Araneta Coliseum.

Although Janine and Jaypee are currently not on good terms, Jaypee respects the decision of Janine and has agreed to give her time but stated that he is still pursuing Janine Tugonon.

Miss Universe 2012 runner-up Janine Marie Tugonon spoke about the split with ex-boyfriend Jaypee Santos  on Kris TV this morning, April 16.

She Surprised the hosts of the show, namely Kris Aquino and John "Sweet" Lapus by revealing the actual  state of her relationship with Jaypee.

While cooking Tinola Kris asked  Janine: "Have you two been arguing?"

Janine answered, "Actually, honestly right now, we are not on good terms."

Kris, "What happened?"

Janine,"We simply could not agree on a certain subject."

Kris was very quick to say, "Maybe something has happened that you didn't expect to happen."

Rumour has it Danny O'Donoghue from The Script has been trying to woo her. Kris then asked how true the rumours were that he is pursuing her.

"We're just talking," the 23-year-old beauty queen stated.

Because of this, Kris asked: "'Was that what you and Jaypee fought about?"

Janine was quick to defend herself. "whatever was there ... was just spur of the moment. "

Then beauty queen admitted, "Honestly I am sad because, basically I have only broken up with Jaypee and  it is still very raw."


According to Janine, she met the Irish singer-songwriter when The Script played their concert here in the Philippines.

Janine's story, "We watched the concert. Well, not just that we had a meet and greet, Since I know the staff  at the Araneta, I told them, 'I'm a big fan of The Script, will you be able to get them to meet me after the concert has finished?'

"Danny asked me, 'Do I have a boyfriend?'

"I said, 'Yeah, that's my boyfriend.' And pointed Jaypee out to him.

"Then he said, 'Follow me on Twitter and I will follow you back.'

"Jaypee was furious and said, 'If you really want me then, you can not contact him.'"

Janine admitted that she spoke with Jaypee about a break. "Because I thought is this what I am to be, told who I can and can't contact.

"I just said to him, maybe I need sometime to think objectively." He agreed to give me time but that has now left us on bad terms with each other."

Source: Various / Free Translation: DannyODonoghue.Net



  2. Janine is an example of an easy to get girl. I bet that no guy will be serious with this ugly slut.

  3. im caucasian but i find her beautiful. you can't join the miss universe if you dont have the looks,body and brains

  4. why can't danny speak up about Janine, is he really interested with Janine? I actually want to hear it from danny,whats going on with them?

  5. bo bruce is better than her!c'mon danny you're not that dumb to woo that slut! she's too easy to get. if you happen to be her boyfriend she'll also do to you what she'd done to jaypee. Wake up danny! she's not your cup of tea!

  6. I find you cute danny..and the first time I have watched you on the show "The Voice", I definitely love it!..I don't like bo bruce nor janine for you..I guess, there's somebody else out there who is more of worth for you rather than of these two..

  7. Maybe if I'm on Janine's shoes, i would certainly do the to ask yourselves too!

  8. Janine and Danny looks good together though. ;)


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